Tips for Securing Windows and Doors

Securing your home doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive. Below are a few tips for securing windows and doors that can help.

  • Install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. For doors with glass windows, be sure to install a deadbolt that can be keyed on both sides. Otherwise the burglar can break the glass, reach through, and unlatch the lock from the inside.
  • Replace standard window locks with locks that are harder to open from the outside, such as a sash-lock or a keyed version of the sash lock that will add even more security. For a more economical alterative, use track locks on windows, which make it hard to slide the window open.
  • French doors may be opened simply by pushing hard against them, even when locked. Strengthen French doors or sliding glass doors by adding slide-rod locks to the top and bottom of one or both doors.

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